1000 Gifts

"One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp

Here you'll find a list of things I'm thankful for. It's cultivating an "attitude of gratitude". Fighting discontment with thanksgiving. Finding beauty in the simple. Finding Him in the mundane.

1. In Christ Alone
2. Hope
3. New Life
4. My husband (Santino-it means "little saint" in Italian)
5. Women who encourage me in the LORD
6. Time to rest, abide, clean, think
7. The song "Our God Saves"
8. Being able to download sermons from preachers all over the country
9. iPods-so I can listen and mop the floor at the same time :)
10. Hearing my friend's kids call for her, they just love her!
11. The weather right now (Spring time in Fresno)
12. Seeing Kim
13. My husband enjoying the new pasta recipe I tried tonight
14. Knowing when I clean the house, my husband will feel so much more peaceful when he gets home
15. Being married to a man who appreciates a clean house
16. My nephew playing and laughing
17. My sister laughing at her son
18. Stephen dancing (doin the head shake) to no music
19. My friend Tiffany whispering "I love you to her son" while feeding him
20. Honest conversation with friends over sandwiches
21. Lunch with Pat-her pain and joy that points to Christ
21. When Santino comes home early
23. That woman's scars-she says she wears hers on the outside, while most women wear theirs on the inside.
24. A phone call
25. Steph's card-oh how I love hand written cards!
26. Slow mornings
27. Clean floors
28. Days off ... to rest, renew, and refresh
29. My nephew saying 2,000 "two townin"
30. My little sister playing with my hair
31. My little sister asking me about Easter
32. Spending time this weekend with my little sister
33. My little sister
34. My nephew trying to say my name (it was "meatball", then "misma", and nnow it sounds like "pip-paw")
35. Listening to my sister pray with her son
36. Family time in SF today
37. Watching James play with Uncle Tino
38. Giovanni telling me he was "baby-tized" when he was a baby.
39. Jacky asking me if I could teach her how to take notes from the bible
40. Serving like Martha
41. Other times "just being" like Mary
42. Grandma Ida laughing in the midst of loss
43. Being called Molly Maid
44. My mom coming down to be with Santino's family
45. My mom
46. Eating dinner as a family
47. Early morning communion with the LORD
48. My student letting me hug him (finally)
49. The kid who was walking his bike across the street, following the rules even though no one was watching.
50. Watching Grandma Ida fall asleep in the chair
51. Denise hugging Grandma Ida
52. Seeing my neighbor's baby
53. Little conversations with my neighbors
54. Hearing from Kim
55. Handwritten cards
56. Surprises on the porch
57. Seeing the same 2 dads walking their kids to school every morning.
58. Kim joining prayer team
59. Walks in spring
60. Matt Chandler teaching Habakkuk
61. iPods
62. Giovanni's thank you letter
63. Giovanni telling our class what grace means "they don't deserve it, but you give 'em it anyways"
64. Layla's servant heart
65. Coffee with Jaime
66. Time-to have coffee with people!
67. A nice shaded path to walk along
68. This mornings walk with Santino-up until we started talking about house chores :(
69. My sister watching old videos of her son and crying-a mother's love
70. Flipping through magazines
71. Finishing books
72. 3 day weekends-especially when we get to celebrate our freedom!
73. Extended prayer time
74. Slow mornings with my husband
75. Breakfast and conversation on the patio
76. Karin Paulus
77. Cathy Ponessa
78. Nanette Schmitz
79. My new job
80. Santino taking me to dinner on my last day of school
81. Him knowing me well enough to know how to comfort me
82. My kids posting they miss me already!
83. Facebook-staying connected
84. Sleeping in
85. Reading on the patio with Santino
86. Wunderlist
87. His little notes
88. Jaime-her faith and honesty
89. Videos of my new nephew!
90. Lunch with former co-workers
91. Time-no agenda, time to just be
92. Holding my new nephew
93. Hearing all of James' new words
94. Time with my family
95. Singing in the car with Santino
96. A cool day in June
97. Time-to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner
98. Summer-yummy fruits and veggies
99. Steph-her heart for others and desire to grow in the LORD
100. Yvonne Downs
101. Dinner at home
102. Time-long lunches, coffee with friends
103. Time to write
104. Smell of a candle a friend gave me-a gift for no reason
105. Fun times w/friends watching a tv show
106. Vacation in Los Osos
107. My mother-in-law loving and serving her mother unconditionally
108. Walking with family in Pismo
109. Videos of my nephew playing in the backyard
110. Santino encouraging me to wake up early with one of my favorite movie quotes
111. Exercising early in the morning with my hubby
112. Ecclesiastes-cynical yet honest
113. Naps
114. Job offers-privielege to teach children to read/learn
115. Aunt Vicki
116. Lazy Sunday evenings-pizza for dinner, reruns for entertainment
117. Just "being" next to each other
118. Pictures of my nephews
119. Hearing James' voice in the background of phone calls
120. My mom visiting
121. Stairs w/Santino at 6am
122. My health-I take it for granted and hearing other people's stories reminds me to be thankful.
123. Santino helping w/laundry
124. My nephew saying "I lub you mitsa"
125. Helping baby Jackson fall asleep
126. Hearing Jack make cute sounds during sleep
127. Jaime Tikijian (her life, her friendship, her faith)
128. Letter from my old student, Phillip
129. Flowers from my hubby (for no reason :-)
130. Meeting a new friend who is eager to grow in the LORD
131. Knowing God does not waste your pain
132. Clarity
133. The Spirit
134. New opportunities
135. New believers
136. New life
137. New friends
138. Old friends
139. Recovery
140. Friday off
141. Time to help friends
142. Fun playing softball
143. Leftovers
144. Anticipation for a new season of life
145. Deepening new relationships
146. Friends who reflect a life of gratitude-ALL is grace
147. Holding my nephew Jackson while he falls asleep
148. James and Tino playing
149. James calling me Meliss
150. Quality time with my family
151. Little seeds being planted
152. Meaningful conversations
153. The LORD's gentle reminder to abide & pray
154. Life group
155. Layla and her love for people, baking, and hot seat
156. Yvonne's willingness to pray, even through text message
157. God's comfort during a time of struggle
158. God's word
159. The reminder of Ephesians 2:10 & Philippians 2:12-13
160. Quiet, slow, Saturday mornings
161. Prayer time with Sarah
162. Weekend retreat to Cayucos
163. Corporate worship
164. Rest
165. Quick recovery from being sick
166. Video of James making Jack laugh
167. A house so quiet all I hear is the clock ticking
168. God's provision, even in the simple things (pumpkin bread)
169. Clean sheets
170. A schedule full of dates with people
171. My husband cooking me dinner Sunday night
172. A fun afternoon laughing with my life group & celebrating Tiffany
173. Hearing Genevieve's story
174. The LORD showing me how to use my gifts!
175. 30 mins of quiet time each morning in my commute to work
176. Time w/2 ladies after church-talking, sharing, praying
177. Funny pic of my nephew crying & drinking a milkshake
178. Layla's compassion
179. Layla's humor and incredible story telling abilities
180. Yvonne mentioning me in her blog-wild olive trees!
181. A letter from Abdulai-the child I sponsor in Ghana through World Vision
182. Time on Mondays to spend with the LORD
183. Grace. From the LORD & from others
184. Compliments from 1st graders about my curly hair
185. Time last Friday with my mother-in-law, learning from her so much more than just how to follow a recipe
186. Steph's compassion for others-her heart for her family
187. Steph's desire to pursue the LORD
188. Jaime texting me this morning, confidence
189. Unexpected answer to prayer
190. Jenny calling me
191. Jenny's questions
192. Jenny's desire to know her salvation is secure
193. Jenny saying she wants to be baptized
194. Just talking to Jenny.
195. Secret notes/cards hidden around my house from life group!
196. Life group ending in tears/laughter and planning next week together.
197. Seriously life group, seriously soul sistas
198. James singing and laughing in the background
199. Santino planning a day away
200. All the birthday love
201. Day away with my man-time just the 2 of us!
202. Fresh, cool, crisp mountain air
203. Encouragement from the LORD through His people
204. Tracy Reid-time chatting with her after church. Christ shines through her!
205. Candice Wagenleitner-her love for the LORD and compassion for the orphan
206. The generous birthday gift from my in-laws
207. Sarah Welles-she inspires me and spurs me on to love others and love the LORD wholeheartedly! Her life is a blessing to many.
208. Grace
209. Time. I feel rested from break and I still have 2 weeks off!
210. Sleeping in.
211. Waking up pain free twice this month!
212. Christmas with family.
213. My new kindle-almost finished my first book in just 3 days :-)
214. The staff at The Well. Godly, wise, loving people.
215. The Well
216. Going to bed a 7:30pm with my hubby. Hahahaha. We watched the end of Wheel of Fortune.
217. Blogging
218. Hearing James call me "Auntie Mitsah". So funny how he says it!
219. James loving Santino and always wanting to play with him.
220. Jackson smiling at you when you talk to him, the way he smiles and covers his eyes is so cute.
221. Sisters
222. Dinner with Terra & Jenn
223. The book Radical. Feeling convicted and guilty!
224. God opening doors
225. Writing
226. Staff retreat-time at Hume with wonderful people
227. Seeing how God has used of my "lows" and turned them into "highs" for 2011. Romans 8:28
228. A new year, new beginnings, new goals
229. Rest
230. Kindle
231. People to pray with
232. Holy spirit who guides, convicts, refines, and comforts
233. 52 days of seeking Him
234. Book club! yaay
235. Katie DeManby-her fun loving, gentle, sweet spirit. Someone to laugh with, pray with, seek the LORD with, and start a book club with! Iron sharpens iron.
236. Time with Jen Rumley & Judy Taylor. Talking, praying.
237. Rest on Friday, actual physical rest.
238. Rest on Saturday, spiritual rest in His word.
239. Jaime's text on Friday-the rainbow. Reminded of His promises. JOY in Christ.
240. Scheduling dates/times with people over the next few months. Encouraging one another in the word.
241. The email this week. Encouragement from Sara H. Most want to stay on the surface, it's refreshing to deepen, to sit, reflect, and talk.
242. Knowing that many ladies -right now- are reciting 24 verses that they've hidden in their heart in 2011.
243. Hiding more verses, The Sermon on the Mount, in 2012.
244. The {NOT} book club, book club!
245. Talking with Jackie on the phone Thursday evening for nearly an hour. I miss her. I.love.her.
246. Celebrating babies with friends!
247. Time to write
248. The weather lately, I have spring fever and it's only February!
249. Celebrating with Mia, answered prayer!
250. Talking w/Steph even if it's just for a few mins
251. Running into Jackie at Port-of-Subs Mon 2/6. Her asking to pray. Hurting with her.
252. Running into Michael at Port-of-Subs Mon 2/6. Accepted invitation to The Well.
253. God planning every minute of my day, even a 10 min trip to grab a sandwich. God ordained, unexpected appointments.
254. Jenny calling to ask what books to read to learn more about God (Tues 2/7).
255. God restoring relationship between sisters.
256. Answered prayer!
257. Ruby showing up to life group.
258. Another answered prayer! James 5:19-20, my friend who wandered finding her way back.
259. Beautiful weather-makes me go outside to walk.
260. Time alone, walking/running/listening to sermons
261. Time on Fridays to rest, read, relax, refresh, and nap.
262. Knowing God as my Defender.
263. Our retreat in Lake Tahoe!
264. Steve putting His faith in Christ.
265. Kim K coming to life group and growing in the LORD.
266. 5/9 friends from high school are now walking with the LORD.
267. Dreams that you tell me to wait patiently on.
268. Grace from coworkers.
269. The book "Kisses from Katie", challenging my faith reminding me to serve right where I'm at.
270. Funny students!
271. Last entry was March 2012. Today is May 2013. Back to gratitude because of a week where I am feeling richly blessed in relationships. I have spent time with lots of people and want to remember how blessed I truly am and how grateful the LORD has given me such an abundance of relationships.
272. Becoming "official" at The Well.
273. Subbing in 6th grade & loving it!
274. Making relationships with 6th grade girls.
275. Speaking at the Feil's life group on prayer. So energized by this! And honored.
276. Graduating from Academy. I have been given much.
277. Visiting the girls at the Rescue Mission.
278. Time with Maria Kotman over lunch and talking about discipleship.
279. Time with Yvonne, what a friend and mentor.
280. My life group! Hearing the women teach through Jeremiah, Zephaniah, and Habakkuk.
281. Hearing Kim Kellam teach me the bible!
282. Layla, Kim, and Ruby staying after group to ask about my heart. GOOD FRIENDS
283. Dinner with neighbors Jeff, Christina, Oliver, 7 baby Ellie.
284. Rereading this list and seeing #257 & 258. Ruby walking with the LORD, embracing forgiveness and restoration.
285. Seeing Jackie and her new baby Hank! What an answer to prayer.
286. Overwhelmed with your grace to give me so many relationships. People to walk through life with from church, from high school/college, neighbors, old friends, new friends, family, all of these people. so grateful.