Friday, October 1, 2010

Scripture 17

My Treasure
"The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.” (Matthew 13:44)

I have been reading through the gospels these past few weeks (thank you Academy) and it’s been amazing. I love seeing how Jesus interacted with people. I love seeing how He would teach and have compassion on others. I love hearing him explain what the Kingdom of Heaven is really like, what our Heavenly Father is really like, contrary to what “religious people” have explained them to be. He explains how in order to find your life, you have to lose it. To be called great, you must be called last. To be blessed, you must be poor, mourning, and hungry.

To be a part of the Kingdom, you must enter the narrow door. You must be willing to deny yourself and “follow”. You get the sense that everything in Jesus worldview is upside down and backwards from all that we know. There is a big sense of not completely understanding, yet trusting. Surrendering and following. Understanding the cost is great, but the treasure you receive is much greater.

I love this verse. When I first came to Christ I can remember so many people asking why I would want to give up drinking and all this “fun” stuff to be a boring Christian. This verse has reminded me what it was like to leave my old life, which at the time, seemed so confusing to those around me.

I imagine that’s what people would have told this man who sold all he had to go and buy a “field”. Can you imagine, his friends saying, “you’re going to sell everything for that field? But it doesn’t have any crops, a place to live, and it’s not even pretty looking!” Meanwhile, the man secretly knows, there is a hidden treasure in the field. What looks dull and of no value is worth far more than you could ever imagine.

It’s hard to explain to others the treasure you have found when they can’t see it with their own eyes. It seems confusing, even foolish; to abandon all you’ve ever known to pursue something that seems worthless. You can tell them there is a treasure, but they won’t always believe you. I love this verse because it explains so much about how we should feel when we encounter Jesus and his redeeming love. We should be willing to give up all that we have, and surrender to His ways, His plan. We should be able to do it “with joy” as the man who buys the field, because the treasure is great, more than any earthly treasure we could ever find.

He is my treasure . . . with joy I will surrender and follow Him.

Has following Jesus cost you anything?

Do you surrender all to Him? With joy?

Do you delight in Him as your treasure?

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