Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

{Christmas Eve}
We spend Christmas Eve with Santino's side of the family. It is so much fun! Did you know Italians have a tradition of eating and enormous amount of seafood the night before Christmas? It's insane! Seriously, his grandma cooks for days before. Crab soup, mussels, shrimp, squid, homemade pizza, everything! I of course, contribute the salad. It's so fun spending time with his wonderful family.

That's us. Santino is probably on his 3rd plate of shrimp ;-)

We may have regifted this gingerbread cookie to his cousin Jessie.

Cousins Chris & Laurel opening our annual family Christmas calendar. They're 3 months pregnant, next Christmas we'll celebrate with a little baby!

{Christmas Day}
We travel to Stockton to spend the day with my family.

Nephew Jackson, Sister Jenny, Cousin Michelle, Aunt Vicki, Me, Sister Teri, and Nephew James

Grandma & Aunt Vicki


My sister Teri & nephew James laughing at Uncle Tino. Seriously, James is all about Uncle Tino. He was the only one that could get him to smile for pictures.

Mom & Jenny (She doesn't want us to call her Jenny anymore because she's a grown-up, but that's Jenny.)

James playing with his new Leap Frog iPad thing. He's pretty much a genius.

Auntie Jenn & Baby Jackson

Our pictures are kind of random (and blurry). We're not the best at capturing moments, but perhaps due to a new year's resolution, 2012 will be much better!

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