Monday, July 8, 2013

Not All Christians are Homophobic

Not all Christians are homophobic.
Not all are moral police.
Not all are republican.
Not all own guns.
Not all are right wing. Or left wing.
Some don't even have wings.

Some are just as appalled by the big church buildings too.
Some are writers, artists, and thinkers.
Some are beer drinkers. (#rhyme)
Some have tattoos.
Some even let their kids go to public school.
A few are even liberal vegetarians who long for immigration reform and social justice.

Unfortunately, the news just portrays the loudest Christians like the ones who protest people’s funerals and write words of hate on posters and yell at people.

And I realize that because I call myself a Christian, I am immediately labeled that way.


And so I’m asking from any of you who think that way of me, please don’t.
Please don’t label me, just as I won’t label you.
Please don’t place me into a box of a few big and loud voices, when there are thousands of others who I really associate with but their voices are just quiet and small.

I’m sorry for the way others have portrayed Jesus and the church.
I fear the voices you may hear most often are those who call themselves Christians without really following Christ.

Please give us grace as we try to follow the Greatest Teacher that ever lived, who had compassion on us, rescued us, and renewed us. We are not perfect, we are just followers. We are figuring things out along the way.

We are learning what it’s like to love without condition.
And sometimes we mess up.

That's why we are so fond of grace. And ask for some from you too.

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