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{The Birth of Israel. Power of God. Laws & Worship. No Other Gods}

God cares about His people. He provides freedom for the people of Israel in powerful ways, and within chapters the people are grumbling. He gives laws and rules to worship, and the people are so impatient they create their own worship service to a golden calf.

And again, our God is just, but also relents and shows grace and mercy.

I can't tell you how much I relate to the people of Israel in this book. Sadly, how often has God done something huge, amazing, or wonderful in my life and within moments I've taken my eyes off of what IS and focused on what is NOT instead?

Why? Why can't I remember? His goodness? His grace? His power?

Instead I become impatient and ungrateful.

Oh God, help me . . . help us. We are too often like Israel who is impatient, ungrateful, proud, and sinful. Save us from ourselves, oh LORD, and help us meditate on your goodness instead.

Application Questions
1. Ch.3-4: Moses is called by God, for God’s purposes. Instead of accepting the call he lists reasons of insecurity, inadequacy, and fear. Are there things you know God has called you to do that you’re not doing because of insecurity or fear?

2. Ch.7-12 You see God do miraculous things and Pharaoh continues to harden his heart. Are there areas of your heart that are hardened, despite all the things God has done to prove His power?

3. Ch.14-16: God shows His power by parting the Red Sea and destroying Israel’s enemy. And just 2 chapters later, the people are grumbling again. When have you grumbled against God?

4. Ch.18: Moses gets counsel from Jethro, his father in-law and does what he says. Wise men seek counsel from other wise men. Who do you seek counsel from? Is there someone in your life discipling you in the ways of the LORD?

5. Ch.20-31 Over and over you see God bring up the Sabbath in his law. There is pattern of work and rest. Do you honor the Sabbath? Do you regularly slow down to delight in the LORD and rest?

6. Ch.32: Moses is getting specific instructions from the LORD on how to worship properly. Meanwhile, Aaron and the people are creating their own worship service according to their own desires. Are their things in your life you do according to your own understanding/desires, not God’s way? Do you go to God’s word for instruction, direction, and guidance in how you do church? Life?

7. Ch. 33: Moses intercedes for the people and prays that God would not destroy everyone. God relents. Do you regularly intercede for others? How often do you pray for God to intervene and save lost friends, family members, neighbors?

8. Towards the end of the book, you see the people of Israel contributing their time, talent, or treasure to help build the tabernacle. Do you contribute to the work of the LORD? Where are you giving your time, your talents, or you treasures for His kingdom?

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