Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bible In a Year

We have a unique opportunity this year! Our church The Well is teaching through the Bible in a year.

So a group of us ladies are going for it! We have decided in our book club and life group that rather than read outside authors, we'll read the bible as our literature this year.

Our goal is to read through the Old Testament by June. We will be reading the Torah together, then read it chronologically from there. It will be about 4-5 chapters a day. A chapter in the bible is equivalent to about a page in a regular book. So think just 4-5 pages a day?! That's TOTALLY doable!

We are going to read about a book a week. Here's a rough outline of what it might look like:

1/13 Genesis
1/20 Exodus
1/27 Leviticus
2/3 Numbers
2/10 Deuteronomy

So we'll have the Torah read by February!

I'll post updates on the blog as to the reading schedule and insights I'm gleaning.

Now I know you're asking yourself, what?! Why?! That's crazy! Why even try??

Here's why:

1. You can't grow in your relationship with the LORD apart from His word and apart from community. It is the closest thing we'll get this side of heaven of to being in His presence! Spending time in His word and seeking Him in prayer will deepen your relationship and spur you on in life.

2. You can't do it alone. We've created a group on Facebook that will hold each other accountable and meet monthly to discuss. Even if you don't live near, the group on Facebook will help!

3. We can follow along with the church: The Well I'm not a big "read the bible in a year" person but I don't when else our church will teach like this? What an opportunity to have devoted & dedicated teachers explaining the text to us.

4. You will read it differently. You're not studying the book of James for 6 months. You're getting a big picture overview, reading the bible as a book/magazine. Let go of the pressure to study deeply ever single chapter and read it as the story of God's redeeming love for His people. It's all about JESUS.

5. It's the bible. It's the Living Word of God! Jesus is the Word made flesh! We are spending time with the LORD daily . . . what more do we need??

I'll also participate in memorizing scripture on Beth Moore's blog this year too. The details are here: Living Proof Ministries I'll be looking for Christ as I read through the Old Testament and memorizing verses as they pop up!

Let me know if you'd like to join. We can do this! Today is the day!

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