Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Reflections from Life Group

Last night was amazing! I love Tuesday nights with these ladies! Here are some of my favorite things we’ve learned from/about each other this summer:

Hot Seat-we’ve been playing hot seat each week and learned so much about one another!

1. Girl #1 is an only child and pursuing her master’s in Speech pathology.
2. Girl #2 used to be Mormon, and was converted back to Christianity through her husband.
3. Girl #3 only likes things in even numbers (stereo volume, air conditioner, etc.)
4. Girl #4 is an exercise physiologist and her husband is a real, actual park ranger!
5. Girl #5 was raised in a home with a mother who was Methodist and a father who was Muslim.

We shared some time-efficient ways to memorize our scriptures:

1. Tape them to the shower door! (The outside of course)
2. If you don’t have a shower door, use a sandwich baggy and tape them inside your shower.
3. Tape them to the mirror and read them while brushing your teeth (and if your Rema, you’re also doing squats)
4. Leave your scripture/bible out on the counter as your getting ready in the morning.
5. If you’re Marylou and you have 5 kids-Lock yourself in the bathroom, climb into the bathtub, close the shower curtain and read! This was my favorite, I love it! Too funny!

We went around and shared what we were reading in the bible and what the LORD taught us. This is the part that just truly excites me! Is God working in us, or what?

1. Steph shared how John 14:15, 21 spoke to her, how our love and obedience for the LORD really go together. If we love Him, we’ll obey Him.
2. Stacia is reading Ezekiel, however last week she reminded all of us that we are a “Child of God” and that stuck with us throughout the week.
3. Michele is reading Isaiah. She shared about all of the judgment and wrath God poured out, reminding us that He is jealous for us, pride produces self-sufficiency, and God really wants us to rely on Him.
4. Marylou shared Colossians 3:12-13 with us, reminding us to have a Christ like attitude towards others (compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience).
5. Jaime is reading Ephesians 1. She shared in the greeting how Paul is writing to those who are “faithful in Christ Jesus”. She asked herself and all of us “what would it take for others to characterize you as faithful in Christ Jesus?” She thought about if people were to talk about her at her funeral, would people describe her this way? Powerful.

So I want to ask you that! What would it take for others to characterize you as faithful in Christ Jesus? Leave a comment . . . what does that mean to be “faithful in Christ Jesus?”

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