Saturday, June 18, 2011

High Places

Solomon--a King of Israel, author of books in the Bible, the son of the man who was after God’s own heart, the wisest man that ever lived—ended his life far from the LORD. He had built high places, disobeyed the LORD, offered and sacrificed to idols, and ended his life in a very different place than where he started.

Solomon . . . the wisest man that ever lived had blind spots.

If Solomon had areas in his life that were not completely submitted to the LORD, sins uncovered or hidden, I would be foolish to think there's not wretched sin in my heart and areas of my life I'm blind to.

I can see it so plainly in the text, but not in my own life. Why is that? Why is it so easy to point out the folly of others and not see my own? I can see so clearly the sins of another and yet be blind to my own.

So with fear and trembling, I ask . . . LORD help me to see the high places in my own life. I don’t want to end my life far from you, worshiping idols, because of the sin I was blind to in my own heart. Help me to surrender EVERY area of my heart, soul, and mind to you. Thank You for the help of Your Holy Spirit who makes the blind man see, the dead heart alive, the tired soul quickened. I desire to delight in You and You alone . . . let there be no other gods in my life besides You, the Holy One.

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