Thursday, June 14, 2012

Serve Dei 2012: Bag Sale at Aynesworth

Our hope with the Bag Sale was to bless families at Aynesworth, and really it all started because of a little boy who had no other shoes to wear to school besides his soccer cleats (Read here). We wanted to gather items like clothing, hygiene products, and food and discount it all waaaaay down to provide for families in need.

Little did we know that this even would come at just the perfect time. Just 6 days before the sale, our Aynesworth community received some bad news.

The bad news . . .

Shortly after hearing this we didn't know what would happen. The principal thought this was the perfect thing to lift the heaviness and hurt in our community, remind people that our school is a positive light for the neighborhood, and they are loved. So we continued on.

The donations came in . . .

The line formed . . .

The people shopped . . .

The love spread . . .

The whole reason for this sale was to be able to bless families at Aynesworth with physical needs and show the love of Christ. We were able to serve over 100 families. We filled about 180 bags and gave away 115 bibles.

Thank you to every single person who donated items, donated money, donated time, and donated their love and prayer for this bag sale. The families were blessed and God knew just the PERFECT time and just the PERFECT way to show love to His hurting people.


  1. Glory! You are worthy, Lord!

  2. Such an amazing story of blessing so many people!