Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Other Aisles

I went into the Christian bookstore for Mother’s Day and found myself lingering, walking up and down each aisle, curious to see what is on “Christian” bookshelves.

WOW! Honestly I couldn’t believe some of the stuff that’s out there. I remember the first time going into a Christian bookstore, seeing all of these books, and thinking “How do I know which one to choose? How will I know if what these books are teaching is true?” I still think that when I go into Christian bookstores.

I always check out the section on prayer. Okay I think this is the worst section! They might as well call it “How to Get What You Want from God” or “God Can Be Your Genie in a Bottle in 5 Simple Steps”. Seriously, it just shows how truly sinful we are-we want God only to get stuff from God. We seek after His “blessing” more than we seek after Him. Women’s interest is just as bad. It’s all about us. I think this section should be called “How to Stay Busy and Add God on to An Enormous To-Do List without Feeling Guilty”.

I noticed that the aisles were full of people, but the section with all the bibles had not one body in front of it. Here we are again . . . God’s people looking all over the place to find the answers to life, how to deal with life, how to get a better life, and not one standing before the Bread of Life for nourishment. Just like God’s people in 1 Kings-they begin seeking out other gods, worshipping other gods, building high places to make sacrifices, etc. I asked myself these questions . . .

Is God truly the “God of my life"?

Am I seeking after other “gods”-whatever they may be . . . career, status, motherhood, beauty, relationships, materialism . . . fulfillment from anything but him?

I say I believe, but do I truly trust God for the big things AND for the little things in my life? Do I trust Him for my decisions and provisions? Do I follow His direction, do I heed His instruction?

Do I go to the other aisles more than I go to Him? Do I follow those authors from the other aisles or do I follow the Author and Perfector of my faith?

So here’s to putting down the books and picking up The Book. Resting and abiding in Him, being nourished not by the Bread of Life (John 6:35), drinking from His river of delights (Psalm 36:8) and letting His Truth set me free (John 8:32).

“Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4:4)

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