Friday, April 27, 2012

Funny Things My Kids Say #2

"Eh, Mrs.Danisi, you watch the cartoon "Tippy Toes"? You know the one with the cat and mouse Tom & Jerry?"

"Mrs.Danisi, you scared us." Why? "You scare us when you talk to us and your eyes get all big."

"All teachers do is just get the kids in trouble and make you have detention and get spendid. They always tell you to sit down and be quiet and get your reading book."

"Uh-oh, something's wrong with my stomach. It's bouncing."

"I'm not gonna rest until I have freedom!"

"Mrs.Danisi, did you watch the movie the Smurbs? It's kinda like about little blue people?"

"Oh dang! It smells like snails out here!" What do snails smell like? "You know, poop."

"At recess, I had a really lotta fun."

"Mrs. Danisi, how old are you? 19? Cuz you talk like you're 19." No I'm ___. "Daaaaaaamn, that's old."

"Mrs.Danisi were you 5 when you were in kindergartner? Did you go to this school, or a different school in Tennesse?" (I've never lived in Tennesse??)

"Mrs.Danisi, did you buy your shoes with your own money? When you bought them from the person, did you talk in them spanish or english?"

"Okay, are you seriously? You really have a husband?" Yes, I really have a husband. "OH yeah, I seen him on tv. His nose is really tiny, huh?"

Teaching my kids that "y at the end of a short word says 'i'." Jose: Oh man, that makes me scared when you teach us that."

"Mrs.Danisi, I always make my baby sister laugh. You know how? When I play "Peek-Boo".

Jose has been using air quotes a lot. I asked him where he learned to do that. "Oh, learned that in 1955, when I was born."
David: My teacher taught me I was borned from the monkeys, in 1980."

Taking my last bite of my morning snack while giving directions and Donaven yells: "Don't talk which your mouf full!!"

"Mrs. Danisi, do you have the angies?" Angies, what are angies? "You know like when you sneeze and sneeze, and you have to take the medicine." OH, you mean allergies? "Yea! The angies!"


  1. I know why the Lord has you loving on these kids. First, to love them with Jesus' love. Second, so i can laugh and laugh. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Andrew, "Mom you know I sound a lot like dad, listen, la, la, la, la, la. See."