Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Weekend to Remember {Lake Tahoe}

We spent last weekend in Lake Tahoe with my sister & her husband at a marriage retreat put on by Family Life.

It was one of the best weekends we've ever had! We were in Lake Tahoe, we spent the whole weekend with my sister and her husband, who are our favorite people to vacation with, and we got to talk about our feelings A LOT!! Hee hee

Off we go!

We spent the night at my sister's in Lodi, and surprised our nephews in the morning! They were so happy to see Uncle Tino (they could care less about me :-)

But first thing's first. He just had to read "Momma's bible book" before playing.

Now the fun can begin!

The drive was beautiful! It snowed a little on our way up to Lake Tahoe, and the mountains we're covered in white. If I was alone, I would've cried at the beauty and awe of the LORD. But I had to hold it together because the 4 of us we're all in one car.

We stayed at the Hyatt in North Shore. Probably one of the nicest hotels we'd ever visited. 3 restaurants inside, heated pool/spa, and they are renovating the rooms so we got to be the first one's to stay in a new room!


Santino losing a bet. This man never loses a bet. We bet him that the conference ended on Saturday at 4:30pm and the rest of the evening was meant for a date night. He bet it was 5:30pm. We won, oh yeah!

Dinner at Riva Cafe. This was where my sister and her husband had their rehearsal dinner! (Did I mentioned they were married in Lake Tahoe?? Super romantic to be back nearly 5 years later.)

(Steve, you're so funny!)

Girl time! The next morning we had some girls only time, to talk about what it means to be a wife and mother.

And would you believe it?? I won a new bible study! Out of 150-200 women, I had been leading a small group the longest so I won! Woo too

Back home . . . babysitters club waiting. My mom & Aunt Vicki (aka Mary and Martha).

These pictures are fun, but do not even do justice to what really went on that weekend. We learned so much, grew closer, and feel so refreshed.

You know what, let me just put it this way. These retreats will take your marriage . . .

From this:
(Beginning of Marriage)

To this:
(At the retreat)

Hahahahaha! We love that picture! Really though, so much to process from this weekend that I'll share a little each Wednesday on the blog. Wedding Wednesdays?? I think so. Check back soon!

And if you have time, check out the website below. I wish every married couple we know could go to one of these retreats. There's one in San Francisco next month, ooh la la. It's worth the time & money, I promise! A Weekend to Remember

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