Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My First Garden!

I've been trying to keep Tuesday's posts focused on two things: practical tips and stewardship.

If you've noticed, the LORD has been working on my heart in the area of stewardship (how I manage my time, talent, and treasure). I've been trying to find where we can live on less, to be able to give away more. In March/April, I really focused on the amount of money we spend on food along with the amount of food we waste. I read a statistic that Americans waste about 40% of food that's produced in a year. We've been able to save and average of about $150 on our grocery bill each month simply by eating what we have, eating ALL our leftovers, and buying only what we need.

This week, I'm so excited to share what I hope is another great way to save $$$$ on groceries . . . my own garden! My friend Layla loves to garden, so she went with me to this nursery and helped me plant. Our backyard is already completely landscaped so I had to plant everything in pots.

I thought I'd start out small, planting things we love.

A little herb garden, mostly for homemade sauces.

Basil & Thyme (or as Italians say "pepperino")

Italian Parsley

Cherry Tomatoes

Roma Tomatoes


Oh I hope they grow! I never grown anything before but I'm excited to have some yummy organic fruit & veggies and save a few $$ too!

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