Friday, May 11, 2012

Photo Friday: Fun with Family

My sister, her husband, and my nephews came in town this weekend to visit. Friday night at the Hot Rod show!


Saturday morning . . . just playing with the fun toys I have at my house! (Old magazines & paper towel rolls)

Silly Faces

Fun at the park on Saturday afternoon

First big brother goes

Then little brother tries

Even Uncle Tino had fun!

Santino's family came over for his birthday dinner.

Of course we had a little dance party!

Sunday morning . . . we played outside.

Someone wanted to swim so bad he went over to the one little puddle in our yard to sit in it. Poor kid!

So Uncle Tino got him all wet.

This picture was taken just moments before undies came off and he peed all over the chair!

The photos will have to stop there! Let's just say the longer they played in the water, the less clothes my nephews had on. Such a fun weekend!

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