Thursday, February 9, 2012

Theology Thursday: Questions

Last week, I asked "If you could find the answer to any question about God, the bible, spirituality, life, etc. what would you ask?"

Here were some of the questions that you responded with:

Why did Jesus come at the point in history when he did?

Why isn’t the doctrine of the Trintity more clear in the bible?

Why are all sins considered equal? Are there different degrees of sin?

How do you love like the LORD? How do you love difficult people? People that have hurt you?

Can you lose your salvation if you turn too far away or become hardened?

Why did God create us to be inherently sinful?

Who are the women of the bible? And what were there roles?

How do you know the bible is true?

Plus 50 more! We'll be spending this semester as a life group going through the bible to find the answers! Check back on Thursdays for answers to these theological questions (get it-Theology Thursdays), and feel free to leave any others you may have!

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