Saturday, February 25, 2012

Worst Pictures Ever

Remember yesterday I told you I was the worst picture taker ever? I decided to post a few pics that I've taken to prove it to you! I mean what in the world is going on ?!?!

My husband holding our brand new baby nephew for the first time. Must've been foggy that day . . . in my sister's living room?

My husband after he just finished a hard bike ride. Why bother telling him to look up and smile, right?

Blurry brothers

Let's try again . . .

Maybe if I just try one at a time . . .

Dinner party with my life group

James and Uncle Tino having fun watching tv

Some kids I was babysitting

And of course, my haunted sister

I honestly do not know why I can't take a good picture!

Oh wait . . . yes I do. It's genetic. Here's a picture my mom took and sent to me . . . hahahaha!


  1. It's not always the picture taker it's sometimes the camera. The last camera a bought was an investment in so many ways. It has proven to be above excellence. It wasn't cheap, but I got my monies worth. 6 years later it's croaking and going extinct. I've been doing my research on what I want and need. I am ready for an upgrade. The foggy pictures are because your camera lense needs to be cleaned, (WITH A LENSE CLOTH & NOT YOR SHIRT). They are nearly free at a camera store like Horn or from the eye doctor. Clean the lense and no more foggy days. I think Horn even does it for you or shows you how to do for free. 2ndly, children are like the hardest creatures to catch in a photo. They are constantly in motion. That's why those are a little blurry. Even with a perfectly steady hand they will appear blurry if they move. Your camera does not a fast enough shutter speed. It's perfect for a point and shoot of a pretty tree, but not for catching who won the race at a track meet. As for the picture that appears you are checking for lice on your husband's head, I can't help you. -Hope

  2. Your sisters gohstly appearance is just the lighting not you. Light should always come from in front of the person you are taking a picture of, not from behind or in her case it looks like there was a light above her head. the funny thing is I showed Daniel your pictures and he said, "What's wrong with them? They look fine to me." -Hope