Friday, March 9, 2012

Blast from the Past

So . . . my sister emailed me some old pictures from when Santino and I were dating in high school. It's funny to think I've known my husband for nearly 15 years! Sadly in college, one day I was cleaning out my room and found a bunch of old pictures and love letters. I thought to myself, "well I guess I can get rid of these now?" I'm not super sentimental and was probably having a cleaning attack so I threw them all out! I mean who thinks they'll actually get back together with their high school sweetheart and marry them??! Ugh! What was I thinking?!?!

So sadly these were the only pics I could find of us from high school, but still worth a throw back to 13-14 years ago!

How funny are these??

Probably the one time I straightened my hair in high school! I loved that sweater. I got it at Contempo, remember that store?

His senior prom (I think??)

Probably one of our classic date nights to Applebee's and the movies!

He used to pick me up before school, so this was early in the morning (notice my puffy eyes, yep, still not a morning person).

He's not happy that I was taking his picture here (and probably won't be happy that I'm posting it on my blog 14 years later!)

And no, this isn't from high school, but I found this while looking through old pictures and thought it was funny! I always liked to keep a tidy house, even from a young age! (And dress glamorously while doing so, I might add!).


  1. Love those pics! So fun seeing you and Santino from so long ago. God does some crazy stuff, doesn't He?

  2. Daniel and I were looking at some of our old pictures a few weeks ago. Oh my goodness! At least you and Santino look almost the same.