Saturday, March 24, 2012

Funny Things My Kids Say #1

I have not been in the mood for deep thinking and blog writing this week. Spring has sprung and I’ve been enjoying time with people and walks outside! (Not to mention we spent all of last weekend with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, which is when I usually do most of my writing.)

So in the spirit of some light-heartedness, I’ve written down some of the funny things my students have said or done recently. Perhaps you “had to be there”, but hopefully some will make you chuckle!

David, don't put the pencil in your mouth! "I’m not putting it in my mouth! I’m just using it to scratch my teeth.”

Gustavo to James: “Hey! Don’t scratch your arm like that! You’re going to get chicken dots!
James: “Chicken dots? What are those?”
Gustavo: It’s all those red dots. You have to put cream and take a shower to take them off.

"David, put your shoes back on." "But they're too small for me, they hurt my fingers."

Daisy walks in showing a peace sign.
Ariona: Hey what's a 2 mean?
Jocelyn: Nooooo, that's the sign that means peace-out!"

“Mrs. Danisi, did you see the movie Chuckie? It makes me laugh and cry. And Paranormal Activity 3 too.”

"Mrs.Danisi, sorry I didn't come to class yesterday. Jose took my hand at recess and was swinging me around and I fell really hard on my brain."

David: "My hands smell like popcorn?"
Alayna: Why?
David: "Because I ate corndogs."
Alayna: Why don't they smell like corndogs?
David: "I don't know, but they taste like corndogs."
Alayna: Eeew, why are you tasting your hands?"

"Mrs.Danisi, why is your nose red? Ya, and your face is all pink! Ya, you look like a monster!"

"Mrs. Danisi I really have a question!!!! I made a Chuck E. Cheese water park out of my legos."

Ilese: "The other day, I accidentally waited patiently."

I kept dropping all of the papers and one of my students says "Ay yay yikes!"

At Good News Club talking about what it means to be baptized. “Oh ya, I been bathtized before! My uncle dunked me in that little pool at our church!”.

Gustavo: Everyone calls me "shorty" but my real name is Daniel, but I go by Charlie.
Ishmael: My real name is Mario, don’t call me Ishmael anymore.
James: Oh yeah, everyone calls me "Loody".

Ricky: "Hey Mrs.Danisi, check it out. I could rob stuff" (He shows me a secret pocket in his sweatshirt)
Julian: "Oh I can't rob stuff. Cuz I'm in something called Catechism and if you’re in Catechism, you can't rob stuff."

Me: Gustavo you have a lot of joy, you're always smiling and happy.
Alejandro: "No! His name's not Joey, it's Charlie!"
Amir: Charlie? Oh ya that's your last name."

And my all time favorite, when Rajenique sneezes and accidentally farts and tries to cover it up with a cough.

Sometimes, I just can't believe my life. It feels like I could either laugh or cry

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  1. LOL. My kids are always saying something. They keep me laughing too.