Monday, March 19, 2012

Nope, Not Today

I had big plans today. A huge to-do list, my own agenda.

I rushed home after lunch with a friend to start:

more study

I got home, and full of anxiety (brought on by myself) to get these things done, I stopped.

I felt the LORD beckoning me to lay down my agenda for the day, and be with Him.

So I did.

I grabbed my keys, locked the front door, and took off for a walk.

Left the chores, the house, the studying, the writing, for another time.

Because after all, when the Sovereign Lord asks you to stop and walk with Him, shouldn't you?

I spent an hour outside, walking, enjoying His presence (in creation and in my heart), praying and listening. I still have a to-do list, but the stuff on there doesn't seem as important.

When God, our Creator, asks me to spend time abiding, I should go. When our Heavenly Father who gives me 24 hours in a day, asks me to slow down and spend one of those hours with Him, I should listen.

Because after all, isn't being a daughter of the King enough?

So no Meditation Monday. No insights from the Sermon on the Mount. No "my agenda". Nope, not today.

Today . . . just time with my Maker.

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