Sunday, March 11, 2012

Christian Controversy: Stop Fighting!

I can’t go a day without checking Twitter and coming across Christian controversy. One Christian website says this ___, another says that ___. They disagree, point fingers, and mock one another for not agreeing with their point of view or agenda.

We are supposed to fight for social justice.
Not we’re not! Just preach the bible!

Make disciples in every neighborhood.
Real Christians shouldn’t live in the suburbs.

God cares about the poor.
God only cares about the poor.

Give money to this non-profit.
No, not that one! This one!

Engage culture, watch tv.
Everything on tv is sinful! Throw it out!

Be a good steward and travel to another country to serve others.
How can you call yourself a good steward spending thousands of dollars traveling? Just send the money directly to the country!

Home school and train them up in the way they should go.
Public school and send them out as missionaries.

You don’t have to do everything.
But come to these 50 church/city events every weekend!

Seek Christ and His kingdom.
But do it just like me. Look like me. Talk like me. Think like me. Blog like me.

Aren’t you thankful that we don’t have to live up to each other’s standards, only God’s standards?

Otherwise we’d just be doing things to please or impress others.

I really don’t know if it’s God’s will for my life to live in the suburbs or not. What I do know is that no matter what neighborhood I live in, it is God’s will for me to love my neighbor. I know whether you’re rich or poor, you’re created in God’s image and He desires for you to be reconciled to Him. I know that whether or not you homeschool or public school, you are to love your children and not provoke them to anger. I don’t know which non-profit you should give to (if any) but my money is not my own. I know I don’t have to do everything, I just have to do the will of the Father.

I wonder when we as Christians will stop pursuing our own agendas and start pursuing Christ’s agenda?

To be and make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20)
To proclaim the excellencies of Him (1 Peter 2:9)
And, to walk in a manner worthy of the LORD (Ephesians 4:1, Colossians 1:10).

Let’s stop fighting against each other, and start fighting with each other . . . for Christ and His kingdom.

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