Friday, March 30, 2012

I HEART Life Group

The ladies in my life group are amazing.

They've become close friends.
The kind that you can laugh with, cry with, talk about the Bible with, pray with, walk with, and yes . . . even roller skate with.

We've affectionately had many nicknames for our group:
"Modern Day Church Ladies"
"This ain't your grandmas bible study"

-And most recently "The Mullet" because we are "business in the front, party in the back" (we alternate weeks between bible study and fun!).

We've thrown each other baby showers:

With delicious cookies

And matching headbands

We've had Pinterest dinners together

We've learned to sew together

And craft together

We've had boxing lessons

Pajama parties

Christmas parties

And even 30th birthday parties where we dress up like it's the 80's roller-skate the night away!

We found this and it pretty much sums us up perfectly!

I truly LOVE doing life with these beautiful, weird, hilarious, sweet, God-fearing, wonderful ladies!

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