Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just Say No!

There is so much filling up my calendar right now it’s getting ridiculous. And we honestly try our very best not to be “busy” or spend our time doing frivolous things. It’s only the beginning of March and just look at the list of things that have come across our plate.

Fri & Sat 3/2-3/3: The Guild ( a mini conference at our church)
Sun 3/4: Book club
Sat 3/10: Adoption Workshop 9am-1pm OR serving at the Rescue Mission 8-2:30pm
Fri 3/16 & Sat 3/17: Fresno City Summit (all day Fri/Sat)
Sat 3/24: Child Evangelism Fellowship Brunch

This is all “church” stuff going on the next 4 weekends. That’s not even to mention what is going on during the week! Now, I don’t know about you but the thought of having that much on my calendar on a Saturday makes me want to retreat to a far away land.

So what do I do? What do we do, when there are good things, godly things, that are filling up our schedule?

We rest in the Father. Remember Jesus? He only did the will of the Father. He could’ve preached many more sermons, had 20 disciples instead of 12, worked 2 jobs instead of 1, etc. But, he remained so close to our Heavenly Father that He was able to discern what work was for Him to do and what wasn’t. What good things, godly things, he had to say no to in order to say yes to rest (physically, emotionally, and spiritually).

I see so often we (especially us women) stretch ourselves so thin looking at all the things that need to be done, all the places we need to serve, all the needs we should meet, etc. When the LORD tells us there is only ONE need . . . a relationship with Christ. We often exchange the Important Thing, for other things.

Again back to Mary and Martha. The things Martha was doing were all great, good, godly things! But she was neglecting the One thing that was most important . . . choosing the good portion.

So if you’re like me, you want to all of the things, but you should probably just say no to some of them.

SO what can you say no to, in order to say yes to Christ?

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  1. So good sister, so true. Elizabeth George has helped me here recently. She said she never says yes immediately, but always says 'ill let you know soon' and prays before every commitment, even the fun ministries. I'm taking notes from you both!